Central Unit Air Conditioning

Central Unit Air Conditioning

In the midst of a hot, humid summer, your home should be a place of relief- not one of scorching frustration. A correctly installed central unit air conditioner keeps your house cool, lets you breathe clean air and perhaps most importantly, keeps your energy bill down.

Central Air Conditioning in the GTA

Central air conditioning consists of both an outdoor unit (condenser) and indoor unit (evaporator coil).

Hot air inside the rooms of your house is drawn to the evaporator via ducts, before being forced into the condenser (placed outside the house). Your condenser pushes the hot air into the outside atmosphere, while using electricity to return cold air through the ducts.

Central air conditioners also reduce humidity, and their air filters remove dust, lint and other indoor pollutants.

Time to replace your Central Air Conditioner?

When you experience or notice the following, it may be time to consider a new air conditioning unit:

  • Inconsistent room temperatures throughout the house
  • Your house is always humid during summer months
  • Your air conditioner is 10-15 years old, the end of its useful life. A lack of maintenance can further shorten its lifespan
  • Your air conditioner requires constant repairs to keep it running
  • Your air conditioner is very loud when it runs
  • Your air conditioner’s warranty is expired
  • Extensions have been added to your home, well beyond your air conditioner’s capacity
    • An air conditioner’s coverage is often measured in square footage
  • Your energy bill this summer is unusually high

Consider that heating and cooling costs make up over half your energy bill. Continuing to run an aging, obsolete air conditioner can cost more over a few months than buying a newer, more efficient model. Technicians at One Alliance HVAC can determine if your current cooling system is too costly to run.
Every home has its “ideal” central A/C system- one that minimizes power consumption yet delivers comfort to the home’s occupants.
Finding the right air conditioner involves some serious math- namely, load calculation. Fortunately, you’re not alone. One Alliance HVAC technicians can work with you to select and install a cost effective, efficient, and long-lasting air conditioning system.

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