Ducts are integral to the proper functioning of your heating and air conditioning systems. Clean, properly fitted and installed ducts lower energy bills, prevent air contamination, and help keep room temperatures comfortable and consistent.

Ductwork services in the GTA

Ducts are the wide, often rectangular pipes of sheet metal built into the foundation of your home. Ducts are commonly visible on the ceiling of unfinished basements. They deliver heating and cooling from your furnace and air conditioner to rooms throughout your house. Ducts also remove stale air and various indoor “pollutants” from the indoor atmosphere.
In order for ducts to work efficiently:

  • They must be the correct size- no bigger, no smaller
  • Ducts must be free of structural damage
  • Duct systems should minimize bends and turns
  • Duct systems should have little sagging, sinking
  • No pieces are missing from ductwork
  • Ductwork must be free of punctures

When ductwork is incorrectly installed, your home becomes uncomfortable for everybody. Room temperature, humidity, and pressure become inconsistent. The house becomes a breeding ground for dust, moisture, mold and mildew, making you sick. Moisture and mold work its way into your home’s foundation, resulting in serious structural damage (which can cost thousands to fix!).

Properly installed ductwork helps lower your energy bill. In fact, when holes exist in your ductwork, a considerable portion of all energy being generated is being wasted. At the same time, your heater and air conditioner are forced to run at higher speed to comply with your thermostat; as a result, these machines consume more energy while prematurely wearing themselves out.

If the ducts are rattling and making “popping” noises the next time you venture into the basement, or you are suffering from illness and allergic reactions- it might be time to get your ducts looked at by a professional.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when selecting and installing ducts for your house. At One Alliance HVAC, our trained technicians can work with you to design, fabricate and install an efficient, long-lasting ductwork system.

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