Forced Air Furnace

Forced Air Furnace

A properly heated building is part and parcel to surviving- and thriving in the harsh Canadian winter. Forced air furnaces provide heat for two-thirds of Canadian homes.

Forced Air Furnace Sales, Installation and Repair in the GTA

Modern, high-efficiency furnaces are powered by natural gas, and feature a 90% AFUE (Read below!). Hot air is generated by the furnace, and then piped to different rooms of the house via ductwork.

High-efficiency furnaces feature a built-in heat recycler. The heat recycler collects heat from exhaust gases that approach the flue, and redirects much of that heat back into circulation. From this process, water is emitted through a pipe in the exterior wall, or simply drains through the floor. High-efficiency furnaces not only save energy, but are also considered safer.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

The efficiency of your heating system is measured in AFUE. Simply put, AFUE is the percentage of energy output per unit of energy generated.

At any given speed, a device with 90% AFUE produces more heat than its counterpart rated at 60%. Previous generation, medium-efficiency heaters are commonly rated at 80%- in other words, 20% of all energy used to power the device is being wasted.

One Alliance exclusively offers high-efficiency furnace units for sale and installation, while being experienced with servicing and repair of medium-efficiency furnaces.


When you experience or notice any of the following, it may be time to consider replacing your furnace:

  • Inconsistent room temperatures throughout the house
  • The air is dusty and dry
    • Besides feeling it yourself, paint has begun to peel from the walls and plants have wilted
  • Your furnace is 20+ years old, approaching the end of its useful life. A lack of maintenance can further shorten its lifespan.
    • At such an age, your furnace likely lacks modern energy-saving technology- for example, electric ignitions have completely replaced pilot lights
  • Your furnace constantly turns on and off
    • Under normal circumstances, furnaces are shut off by the thermostat once the targeted room temperature is achieved, and restart as needed. However, if the furnace’s powering on/off becomes erratic, seek prompt mechanical attention!
  • Your furnace is very loud when it runs;
    • You can hear bumping, rattling and shaking noises several rooms over
  • Your furnace requires constant repairs to keep it running; repair costs are rising
  • Your furnace’s warranty is expired
  • Your gas bill is unusually high

Consider that heating and cooling expenses make up over half your energy costs. Continuing to run an aging, obsolete furnace can cost more over a few months than buying a newer, more efficient model. This is especially true when you factor in the many government rebates/incentives being offered for HVAC upgrades.

Using an outdated furnace also increases the risk of (fatal) carbon monoxide poisoning. Technicians at One Alliance HVAC can determine if your current heating system is too costly and/or dangerous to run.

Finding the right furnace involves some serious math- namely, load calculation. Fortunately, you’re not alone. One Alliance HVAC technicians can work with you to select and install a good performing, efficient, and long-lasting furnace.

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